Monday, September 5, 2011

Too many tiny thingamajigs...

... so little time...

These batch came in last month (or was it the month before?!). To the right is from Battlefront's Flames of War line: SSgt. Lafayette Pool (in his M4A1 76(w) Sherman tanks named "In The Mood"). To the right is The Plastic Soldier's version (beige - or whatever that color is called - hard plastic)... there are 4 more waiting to be unsprued within the box!

Purchases from CoolMiniOrNot (thanks Brother Junex for the help! ;) ) As I needed some cleaving action *cough*pun*cough* to break up my testosterone-laden, acid-spitting, 7-ft-tall, blood-raging spehs muhreens of geedub

One order missing from the pic above though, Soda Pop Miniature's Elf Ranger (alas, Soda Pop's website seems down at the moment)

I'm reserving the painting of Twilight Knight Pinup from Kingdom Death till such time I'm confident on painting such... uhhh... beautiful piece. No point in doing a paintjob not worthy of the miniature. (Hmmm... that Pinup Preacher looks cool as well... must be the specs/glasses... the Kings Men ain't bad either with his funky armor details...)

Well, the above's just the tip of the iceberg, there's more inside that white box (not-in-sprue;unassembled), and there are also assembled/unpainted (and none of assembled/primered) in two army bags (well, 3-painted-colors minimum in tournaments right? :p )

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