Thursday, September 1, 2011

1/4800 FN Capital Ships Pack 3 WIP.1: Alsace Complete

FN.BB.Alsace done; primarily based on the drawing by Stephen McLaughlin ( It boasts 3x quad 380mm/15in turrets, 4x triple 152mm/6in gun turrets, 8x dual 100mm/4in turrets and 8x dual 37mm AA gun turrets (compared to Wikipedia's 8x quad 37mm AA mounts). Wikipedia even lists 450mm torpedoes under her armaments which I left out, mainly because I find it odd for a battleship to have torpedoes, and I can't find any reference as to where/how it'll be mounted. Aircraft/recon planes are stowed in hangars below the main deck, like the case of Gascogne (where I based the position of the catapult and crane; other sources indicate the both along the centerline, others with missing catapult).

Follow the link below for further readings about the French Navy's Alsace-class WW2 battleship:

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