Saturday, February 21, 2009

Corbulo and Attack Bike sidecar "done"

Yep, you heard me right: "done" (mind the quotation marks ).

Needed to vent my frustration (and turn the energy instead to something positive) so worked on these and declared them "done". Perhaps I may work on them in the future, but as they they stand now, are good enough for the tabletops (For example, I got lazy on adding coats of Blood Red to get the proper hue and be consistent with the rest of my army). Nonetheless...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Official WIP update (2/2)

Oookay, another update time, let's see if I could spot the difference between the first update and these batch of pics:

Tactical Squad finished! Here's their group shot, though I'm not happy with how the photo turned out, but heck! To tell you the truth, this' the very first squad I ACTUALLY finished painting for my army

Next item: BA SHP Corbulo:
Let's see: he's 75% done: needs touching up, another (brighter) coat of red and some missing details. Topcoat, and only then I could say this one's finished...

Next: attack bike sidecar...

What can I say? Meh, let's say 65% finished...

Last item: Venerable Furioso Dreadnought... progress? Bah... still the same 25% overall progress...

Oh well...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update time yet again!

I'm excited to nail the coffin on this squad: but I have to be patient and wait for glue, cement and as well as some enamels to cure proplerly before I topcoat them.

Here're the final pieces of the 1st Squad puzzle:

The grenade-lobber and the 2nd-in-Command. As I mentioned somewhere before, my 2iC, should I choose to combat squad it, will lead the other demi-squad. Therefore, I had his 'side-loincloth' with yellow (originally planned black, but decided otherwise coz of the limited number per decal sheet) BA icon over red (not seen much at their rear-view). I also experimented with a rattle-can red, but found it too deep for BA (as you may notice on the 2iC left greave).

The 1st squad's dedicated transport, driven by tech-adept Balthazar. Main colors painted by a friend, I just painted the searchlight, smoke launchers, details (such as scriptures, squad/company marks, army badge and rivets) and the BA icon plate at the front. The extra armor doesnt appeal to me much rulewise, so it's just there for cosmetic purposes.

Next off would be the attack bike sidecar+passenger and Corbulo! (coz 'counts as' is sooo in nowadays hehehe )


Quick addition; gonna put in a short one: BARE HEADS!

While tedious and frustrating to paint, everything goes away once it/they are finished. Learning curve? It's like a plateau, with a mountain just before the crest... why a mountain for the climax? The EYES! Gawd it's hard to paint those without the proper brush, or one fine enough to hold paint and keep it wet till you're comfortable and dot the iris... I also noticed that the newer bareheads have smaller eye/sockets, or rather less prominent... just my bitter observation though :P ahh well, in the end it's worth it

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Official WIP update (1/2)

This entry is my first official update for the LPC (should've been last Jan31, but real-life takes priority :blink: ) Anyways...

Of the tactical squad I've committed, most of the marines done can be found in my blog entry below...

As for the rest, here they are hung upside down while waiting for their turn to be painted :P

And some on my work area:

1. The front plate for my Rhino. From the Baal Pred box, actually a test piece for the red I'll use as spray... turned out OK though...
2. Heh, not much to say for this one: it's left shoulder's where I throw my extra putty to bulk things up before I do the actual shoulder pad shape...
3. Four searchlights, four smoke launchers and a head. Didn't want to waste time on doing just 1 set of these vehicle accessories. Why just the head? It's a test mini for item #4
4. Test pieces (colors on primer gray). To speed things up, I'm looking for a shade of red equal to GW Blood Red+GW Purity Seal since for some reason, GW Purity Seal darkens the red a bit. For example(s), compare these two (I swear it aint because of photoshop)