Friday, December 30, 2011

BBs 6, 7 and 8 of the Royal Navy's Queen Elizabeth class

A couple of 'modernized' ships for the Royal Navy: Warspite- and Malaya-group of Queen Elizabeth class BBs.

January 18, 2012: Available via Shapeways

HMS Malaya(1942/43)

HMS Warspite(1942)

HMS Barham(1941)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cycle WIP: Reconstructed BBs of the Italian Navy

48IT09 Caio Duilio[1941]

Her sister ship, Andrea Doria (background), has the Bredas on the dual 12" mounted nearer to the barrels
Source: Regia Marina - Italian Battleships of World War Two (E. Bagnasco & M. Grossman)
48IT09 IT BB Caio Duilio [1941] (x2; via Shapeways)  

48IT07 Conte di Cavour[1940]
Guilio Cesare (background) has her #2 and #3 37mm AA guns positioned similar to that of Caio Duilio
(i.e. at the back of the turrets/closer to the bridge/mainmast)
Adapted from illustrations by F.Bargoni/F.Gay
48IT07 IT BB Conte di Cavour[1940] (x2; via Shapeways) 

48IT(07+09) IT BBs Cavours and Duilios

48IT12 IT DD Navigatori
 Two versions: 1941 (Foreground) with 2x triple 533mm torp tubes; and 1943 with only one triple 533mm (platform of 2x single AA guns replaced the aft tubes)
sprue contains 4x 1943s and 2x 1941s
48IT12 IT DD Navigatori (x6; via Shapeways)

1/1800 FN DD Mogador - dropped

[Multiple scales] MiG 1.44 - postponed

1/500 F-22 Raptor

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cycle Releases: Battleships of the Italian Navy: Littorio/Vittorio Veneto class

Italian Battleship Roma (c. 1943); also as Impero*

Italian Battleship Littorio (Italia c. 1943)*
also as Vittorio Veneto 

Soldati class destroyer (c. 1942; 12 ships in the class)
similar design with preceding Maestrale and Oriani/Poeti-class DDs, with 4 in each class 

Also: PAF JF-17 "Thunder" / CAC FC-1 Xiaolong
(Note thick wings/fin for WSF material; 1/600)
available in multiple scale (please visit corresponding shop section)

Next cycle releases (to-do list; in no particular order):
1/4800 IT BB Caio Duilio (x2)
1/4800 IT BB Conte di Cavour (x2)
1/4800 IT Reconstructed BBs 2+2 (Caio Duilio + Conte di Cavour)
1/4800 IT DD Folgore
1/1800 FN DD Mogador
[Multiple scales] MiG 1.44
1/500 F-22 Raptor