Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Next Attraction: Set 1 later today (or early tomorrow; GMT+8); was caught off-guard with Shapeways' 3-day sale of White, Strong and Flexible and Full Color Sandstone Set 1 (early war) for 1/4800 would include 2x Yamato[1941], 2x Hyuga[1941] and the 2 Fuso-class (Fuso[1941] and Yamashiro[1942]. Another set will be available to include Yamato and Musashi in their late-war configuration, as well as the Ise hybrids. Each set will have the usual aircraft complements (plus extras, just in case).

1/1800 version will be available individually but will not include aircrafts.

From top to bottom: Yamato[1941], Yamato[1945], Musashi[1944], Hyuga[1941], Ise[1944], Fuso[1941] and Yamashiro[1942]

Coming soon: Set 2 of the remaining IJN BBs: Nagato- and Kongo classes (Mutsu[1941] render below)