Thursday, January 29, 2009

1st Tactical Squad roll call

Blood Angels 1st Squad (Tactical)

Click on the thumbnails below to see full view:

- Squad pic TBA (when all squad members are done)
- Rhino WIP

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attack Bike sidecar: assembly homestretch

*Sigh* I'm having a headache because of this so am keeping this entry simple

Quite the boring guy. Cut up a standard bolter marine leg, repositioned, and the rest is putty. Still needs another strip of parchment on his purity seal though.

Replaced the MM canister to the other side. Added a 'blood' seal (just another purity seal shaped for BA, like BT's crusader seals =P ). Mount is made of sprues and plasticard. An putty 'rivets'

Plasticard, sprues and putty and extra bits are the order of the day. The back of the seat is kinda simple. And oh, more putty rivets!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Corbulo conversion/assembly done...

Now to wait for attack bike sidecar to be done and off to the paintshop for him Kept the Red Grail simple with it being stowed (imagine the belt pouch of a canteen, only upside down with flap)...

I think next time I should radically alter the face if ever I'm gonna use the same head bit, I dont want to see clones of him, since this represents a unique character

Anyways, here's a pic:


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st Tactical Squad marines

Meh, forgot to post these figs: these were done before B&C's LPC proper...

These still need their weapons (rightmost will have a flamer) and topcoat

Monday, January 19, 2009

Puttying is like a relationship: it doesnt always go the way you want it, but if you do go for it, the results can be very satisfying :P

Did a bunch of assembly work the past couple of days: firstly concentrated on the attack bike sidecar. I'm still not yet sold on the cut-up legs I did for the passenger, though I'm taking my pace. If I hasten it, it'll become a 'chore' for me and it's gonna take out the fun in this aspect of the hobby (main reason why it takes me 2-3 days just to paint a single figure, rank-and-file or otherwise). Too much tasks for the sidecar to list here

The (2iC) for the tactical squad is ready for painting (again have to wait on that tho till I finish assembly of other models for batch spraying). That single ornament on the left greave became the crux of the figure

Hmmm... I also need to cast/do an army badge... oh well...

Corbulo, Ayayayayay... for one I'm talking about his greave ornaments: winged blood drop on both greaves... Kinda done with them: the putty is curing at the moment and have to revisit it later to get the edges right. Also did the final touches on his badge-of-office right pouldron.

Still about Corbs: I have yet to get over his Red Grail wargear: the 'counts-as' piece of equipment I did doesnt bling much to me anymore, so I might go back to that cup I made back then (I still have it somewhere havent I? )

Here're the pics:

^this pic was taken earlier, evident on the lack of wings at greave ornament on my WIP Corbs (lower left)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

[LPC]1st Squad (Tac) Norm 2 almost done (for topcoating)

Time for an update (though not the LPC-kind required update as per LPC rules).

Another marine (almost) done! But alas, having a photo op of your fig thus bring out the best, and the worst, of it. From the pic below, I just remembered to get rid of that gash-o-paint on the upper part of the backpack, to 'trim' that Mithril Silver highlight on the bolter and fix that rogue highlight on the left couter. You may also notice the mould line at the bolter... boo-hiss!

Here's the next to be done for the squad. Assembled (Grnade) marine to be holding one in his left hand (simple cut-and-paste of the arm/hand+ a grenade) and the (2iC) with a conversion MkIV helm. I also need to put a small BA blood drop onto the left greave of (2iC) as well as on the backpack of (Grnade). Regarding the MkIV helm: I wanted the skull so I chose that particular helm to sculpt on (again, no way to acquire the bit). They needed their bases done as well.

Before I go and undercoat these boys, I need to do Corbulo and the Attack Bike sidecar stuffs as well so I could undercoat these all in one go.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st Squad (Tac) HWProxy almost done (for topcoating)

W00t! Another marine (almost) done! Rank and file for that (yeah I know, it's crazy and kinda overkill) but heck, it makes me happy

Here's a pic:

Aargh, I noticed I need to make the barrel sooty...

4 more to go: the 2iC, Grnade, Norm2 and Rhino; their weapons and batch spraying with topcoat

Need to make (sculpt) an old Mk helm for my 2iC...
Need to clean the mold lines on the Grnade dude...
Reg2 needs some cleaning/soaping: for some reason, after I painted VMC Red Hull and letting it sit for a week or so while I work on the rest one-by-one, there are spots that paint doesn't adhere to (I doubt my gf handled the fig as some of the spots are pretty hard to get to).

Oh my eyes hurt

I have to work on the lighting for my photo-ops: as I always loose the highlights on my red every time I do post-processing

Tac Squad Composition

Oookay, I always have trouble coming up of a way to 'spice' up the BS4WS4 pose of a regular marine and in the end, the poses of the squad itself. It takes too much of my time procrastinating the 'next big thing' in posing my rank-and-file marine (overkill eh? :P) so I've made myself a couple of guidelines with regards to how individual marines in my [Tactical] squad should pose like.

At the moment I have these (the list applies to a 10-man Blood Angels Tactical squad)
1. Veteran Sergeant (VetSgt): Anything goes here: plastic conversion, metal, hybrid, I name it, I got it, make it something 'special' not just a BS4WS4 appearance (well, I already have my lineup of Tactical VetSgts so no problem here) Loincloth over the left thigh (red BA icon on black cloth)

2. Second-in-Command (2iC): basically the combat squad leader. Nothing too fancy or special. Any pose that doesn't use the standard tactical marine leg (unless cut-up or reposed). Helm with Iron Skull. Loincloth over left thigh (black BA icon on red cloth).

3. Special Weapon marine (SpcWpn): just your regular BS4WS4 pose marine with a special weapon

4. Heavy-weapon proxy marine (HWProxy): Ok, I'm an oldschool 3rd ed BA guy (back when the BA 'dex is just a supplementary one). Nowadays the marine carrying a heavy weapon can still shoot [with his bolt pistol], but I tend to move my forces around too much so I wont be able to use the HW to full effect. Uses Mk6 tac legs (the one without the kneepads).

5. Running marine (Running): who doesn't love the legs from the SM Assault Squad box? Normal bolter-totting-upper-torso pose.

6. Kneeling marine (Kneeling): those kneeling legs from the SM Devastator Squad box are a godsend. unfortunately I don't have any of those, so I have to fabricate my own. Odd-numbered squads are right-kneeling, left for the even numbered squads

7. Grenade-lobbing marine (Grnade): I have an abundance of right hands holding a grenade, so I have to use some of those. Standard tac marine legs.

8. Snap-fit marine (SnapFit): as the name sez: snap-fit FTW! Either BfM or AoBR (I only have BfM ones, spare me my life from my own misery). He'll be the first one I take out as a casualty.

9. Aiming marine (Aiming): boohoo BS4WS4 standard posed tactical marine, but wait! There's MORE!. His arms must be converted to look as if he's aiming his bolter manually (ie. shoulder-braced, looking down the sight) He's next in line for casualties.

10. Normal tactical marine#1 (Norm1): If the VetSgt nor the 2iC doesnt know how to operate an auspex, this guy will. Also the second guy to go as a casualty.

Some other guides (mainly distribute all the nifty bits and pieces included in the SM Tactical Squad box) like:
- Except for SnapFit, all should have at least 1 purity seal (counting the one on the legs, VetSgt and 2iC at least 2), a Krak and Frag grenade, 1 long and at most 2 small pouches. (individual grenades and pouches, not the pair o' grenades or the triplet small pouches)
- as the content of the SM Tactical Marine box, distributed evenly among the marines (excluding SnapFit): 1 auspex, 2 nunchaku-scroll-thingy, 2 scopes (on bolter or stowed on belt), 4 combat knives, holstered pistol, 2 (whatchamacallit) cloth/parchment
- 2 with studded pouldron (left), 1 with name-tab pouldron (right)
- 2 bareheaded, 1 Mk6 helm, 1 different styled helm (Mk4, etc)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

[LPC] Opening moves...

Alrighty, I've commited myself to the Challenge...

To start off, the pic below shows my commitments:
WIP Stuffs

  • the left half of the cutting board (including the leftmost plastic tray) is the 10-man tac squad+rhino I want completely painted up. Most of these may look done already but no: only those two on the top rhino hatch are 100% done, the rest needs either:
    • final details (like highlights and weathering, as the case of the rhino)
    • missing bits (like their handheld weapons, the row of painted marines in front of the rhino)
    • paint up to standards
    • assembly and paint
  • upper right half: the Venerable Furioso Dreadnaught I have spotlighted in this thread. Still some ways off, but I'm confident it'll be completely painted for the challenge
  • lower-rightmost of the pic is the tray containing the bits and bobs I'll use for the Multi-Melta Attack Bike sidecar with passenger/gunner scratch/conversion... (no, the dice is just there coz I got lazy putting it somewhere else)
  • middle tray-lower right: My converted Corbulo, a few things left to do before I paint him: WYSIWYGing on the Red Grail (it's inside that 'container' just below the bottlecap he's mounted on) and his bolt pistol (just below the aforementioned container, obscurred by the tray lip
Now to get myself to painting

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slow and Purposeful: Contemplating on the Librarium Painting Challenge

Ooookay, I got bitten by the LPC bug, and I have yet to take my time coming up with the appropriate tasklist.

As far as what needs to be done: a Tactical squad is being cooked at the moment: 2 are at the basecoat stage, 4 needing their weapons (3 bolters and 1 flamer), as well as needing varnish/topcoat. Their Rhino, at the very least acceptable to gaming standards, needed some detailing: proper highlights, weathering, some knick-knacks and all those stuffs. What I will submit to the LPC is the remaining 2 marines needed to complete the 10-man squad (the "2iC" and the "Misc" marines, more on these tags in another blog entry ;) )

Another one I'll surely commit (to the LPC) would be to complete my Corbulo conversion. The fig needed some details finalized and painted (I've been in WH40K gaming vacation eversince the PDF codex came out... I have my reasons :P )

In addition to Corbs would be the completion of my Venerable Furioso Dreadnought. That pile of sprue is almost done... except for some areas like its pouldron, helm and its ranged weapons: meltagun and flamer/stormbolter.

Next would be to do an Attack Bike sidecar with Multi-Melta and passenger/gunner. The Bike itself is done. For a reason I cant acquire the kit, so I have to make do with an extra bike tyre and multi-melta lying in my bitsbox... time to get my spruebox and plasticard out :D

On the side, I need to do this one before Feb14: conversion of a Sister of Battle Canoness. The reasons? My gf wants to paint a figure, she wants to paint in Hello Kitty style, and she wants it in pink! No chaos scums here, she doesnt like pointy stuffs (heck, I cant even convince her to paint a loyalist marine in pink, she just doesnt dig space marines)

Sounds quite a few for LPC, but in my pace it'll surely take time... lemme summarize:
- 2 bolter marines
- attack bike sidecar with multi-melta and passenger/gunner
- Corbulo
- Venerable Furioso Dreadnought