Sunday, January 18, 2009

[LPC]1st Squad (Tac) Norm 2 almost done (for topcoating)

Time for an update (though not the LPC-kind required update as per LPC rules).

Another marine (almost) done! But alas, having a photo op of your fig thus bring out the best, and the worst, of it. From the pic below, I just remembered to get rid of that gash-o-paint on the upper part of the backpack, to 'trim' that Mithril Silver highlight on the bolter and fix that rogue highlight on the left couter. You may also notice the mould line at the bolter... boo-hiss!

Here's the next to be done for the squad. Assembled (Grnade) marine to be holding one in his left hand (simple cut-and-paste of the arm/hand+ a grenade) and the (2iC) with a conversion MkIV helm. I also need to put a small BA blood drop onto the left greave of (2iC) as well as on the backpack of (Grnade). Regarding the MkIV helm: I wanted the skull so I chose that particular helm to sculpt on (again, no way to acquire the bit). They needed their bases done as well.

Before I go and undercoat these boys, I need to do Corbulo and the Attack Bike sidecar stuffs as well so I could undercoat these all in one go.

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