Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tac Squad Composition

Oookay, I always have trouble coming up of a way to 'spice' up the BS4WS4 pose of a regular marine and in the end, the poses of the squad itself. It takes too much of my time procrastinating the 'next big thing' in posing my rank-and-file marine (overkill eh? :P) so I've made myself a couple of guidelines with regards to how individual marines in my [Tactical] squad should pose like.

At the moment I have these (the list applies to a 10-man Blood Angels Tactical squad)
1. Veteran Sergeant (VetSgt): Anything goes here: plastic conversion, metal, hybrid, I name it, I got it, make it something 'special' not just a BS4WS4 appearance (well, I already have my lineup of Tactical VetSgts so no problem here) Loincloth over the left thigh (red BA icon on black cloth)

2. Second-in-Command (2iC): basically the combat squad leader. Nothing too fancy or special. Any pose that doesn't use the standard tactical marine leg (unless cut-up or reposed). Helm with Iron Skull. Loincloth over left thigh (black BA icon on red cloth).

3. Special Weapon marine (SpcWpn): just your regular BS4WS4 pose marine with a special weapon

4. Heavy-weapon proxy marine (HWProxy): Ok, I'm an oldschool 3rd ed BA guy (back when the BA 'dex is just a supplementary one). Nowadays the marine carrying a heavy weapon can still shoot [with his bolt pistol], but I tend to move my forces around too much so I wont be able to use the HW to full effect. Uses Mk6 tac legs (the one without the kneepads).

5. Running marine (Running): who doesn't love the legs from the SM Assault Squad box? Normal bolter-totting-upper-torso pose.

6. Kneeling marine (Kneeling): those kneeling legs from the SM Devastator Squad box are a godsend. unfortunately I don't have any of those, so I have to fabricate my own. Odd-numbered squads are right-kneeling, left for the even numbered squads

7. Grenade-lobbing marine (Grnade): I have an abundance of right hands holding a grenade, so I have to use some of those. Standard tac marine legs.

8. Snap-fit marine (SnapFit): as the name sez: snap-fit FTW! Either BfM or AoBR (I only have BfM ones, spare me my life from my own misery). He'll be the first one I take out as a casualty.

9. Aiming marine (Aiming): boohoo BS4WS4 standard posed tactical marine, but wait! There's MORE!. His arms must be converted to look as if he's aiming his bolter manually (ie. shoulder-braced, looking down the sight) He's next in line for casualties.

10. Normal tactical marine#1 (Norm1): If the VetSgt nor the 2iC doesnt know how to operate an auspex, this guy will. Also the second guy to go as a casualty.

Some other guides (mainly distribute all the nifty bits and pieces included in the SM Tactical Squad box) like:
- Except for SnapFit, all should have at least 1 purity seal (counting the one on the legs, VetSgt and 2iC at least 2), a Krak and Frag grenade, 1 long and at most 2 small pouches. (individual grenades and pouches, not the pair o' grenades or the triplet small pouches)
- as the content of the SM Tactical Marine box, distributed evenly among the marines (excluding SnapFit): 1 auspex, 2 nunchaku-scroll-thingy, 2 scopes (on bolter or stowed on belt), 4 combat knives, holstered pistol, 2 (whatchamacallit) cloth/parchment
- 2 with studded pouldron (left), 1 with name-tab pouldron (right)
- 2 bareheaded, 1 Mk6 helm, 1 different styled helm (Mk4, etc)

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