Monday, January 19, 2009

Puttying is like a relationship: it doesnt always go the way you want it, but if you do go for it, the results can be very satisfying :P

Did a bunch of assembly work the past couple of days: firstly concentrated on the attack bike sidecar. I'm still not yet sold on the cut-up legs I did for the passenger, though I'm taking my pace. If I hasten it, it'll become a 'chore' for me and it's gonna take out the fun in this aspect of the hobby (main reason why it takes me 2-3 days just to paint a single figure, rank-and-file or otherwise). Too much tasks for the sidecar to list here

The (2iC) for the tactical squad is ready for painting (again have to wait on that tho till I finish assembly of other models for batch spraying). That single ornament on the left greave became the crux of the figure

Hmmm... I also need to cast/do an army badge... oh well...

Corbulo, Ayayayayay... for one I'm talking about his greave ornaments: winged blood drop on both greaves... Kinda done with them: the putty is curing at the moment and have to revisit it later to get the edges right. Also did the final touches on his badge-of-office right pouldron.

Still about Corbs: I have yet to get over his Red Grail wargear: the 'counts-as' piece of equipment I did doesnt bling much to me anymore, so I might go back to that cup I made back then (I still have it somewhere havent I? )

Here're the pics:

^this pic was taken earlier, evident on the lack of wings at greave ornament on my WIP Corbs (lower left)

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