Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st Squad (Tac) HWProxy almost done (for topcoating)

W00t! Another marine (almost) done! Rank and file for that (yeah I know, it's crazy and kinda overkill) but heck, it makes me happy

Here's a pic:

Aargh, I noticed I need to make the barrel sooty...

4 more to go: the 2iC, Grnade, Norm2 and Rhino; their weapons and batch spraying with topcoat

Need to make (sculpt) an old Mk helm for my 2iC...
Need to clean the mold lines on the Grnade dude...
Reg2 needs some cleaning/soaping: for some reason, after I painted VMC Red Hull and letting it sit for a week or so while I work on the rest one-by-one, there are spots that paint doesn't adhere to (I doubt my gf handled the fig as some of the spots are pretty hard to get to).

Oh my eyes hurt

I have to work on the lighting for my photo-ops: as I always loose the highlights on my red every time I do post-processing

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