Sunday, January 11, 2009

[LPC] Opening moves...

Alrighty, I've commited myself to the Challenge...

To start off, the pic below shows my commitments:
WIP Stuffs

  • the left half of the cutting board (including the leftmost plastic tray) is the 10-man tac squad+rhino I want completely painted up. Most of these may look done already but no: only those two on the top rhino hatch are 100% done, the rest needs either:
    • final details (like highlights and weathering, as the case of the rhino)
    • missing bits (like their handheld weapons, the row of painted marines in front of the rhino)
    • paint up to standards
    • assembly and paint
  • upper right half: the Venerable Furioso Dreadnaught I have spotlighted in this thread. Still some ways off, but I'm confident it'll be completely painted for the challenge
  • lower-rightmost of the pic is the tray containing the bits and bobs I'll use for the Multi-Melta Attack Bike sidecar with passenger/gunner scratch/conversion... (no, the dice is just there coz I got lazy putting it somewhere else)
  • middle tray-lower right: My converted Corbulo, a few things left to do before I paint him: WYSIWYGing on the Red Grail (it's inside that 'container' just below the bottlecap he's mounted on) and his bolt pistol (just below the aforementioned container, obscurred by the tray lip
Now to get myself to painting

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