Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slow and Purposeful: Contemplating on the Librarium Painting Challenge

Ooookay, I got bitten by the LPC bug, and I have yet to take my time coming up with the appropriate tasklist.

As far as what needs to be done: a Tactical squad is being cooked at the moment: 2 are at the basecoat stage, 4 needing their weapons (3 bolters and 1 flamer), as well as needing varnish/topcoat. Their Rhino, at the very least acceptable to gaming standards, needed some detailing: proper highlights, weathering, some knick-knacks and all those stuffs. What I will submit to the LPC is the remaining 2 marines needed to complete the 10-man squad (the "2iC" and the "Misc" marines, more on these tags in another blog entry ;) )

Another one I'll surely commit (to the LPC) would be to complete my Corbulo conversion. The fig needed some details finalized and painted (I've been in WH40K gaming vacation eversince the PDF codex came out... I have my reasons :P )

In addition to Corbs would be the completion of my Venerable Furioso Dreadnought. That pile of sprue is almost done... except for some areas like its pouldron, helm and its ranged weapons: meltagun and flamer/stormbolter.

Next would be to do an Attack Bike sidecar with Multi-Melta and passenger/gunner. The Bike itself is done. For a reason I cant acquire the kit, so I have to make do with an extra bike tyre and multi-melta lying in my bitsbox... time to get my spruebox and plasticard out :D

On the side, I need to do this one before Feb14: conversion of a Sister of Battle Canoness. The reasons? My gf wants to paint a figure, she wants to paint in Hello Kitty style, and she wants it in pink! No chaos scums here, she doesnt like pointy stuffs (heck, I cant even convince her to paint a loyalist marine in pink, she just doesnt dig space marines)

Sounds quite a few for LPC, but in my pace it'll surely take time... lemme summarize:
- 2 bolter marines
- attack bike sidecar with multi-melta and passenger/gunner
- Corbulo
- Venerable Furioso Dreadnought


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