Friday, September 23, 2011

48FN06 FN CV.Bearn1939(x1) and DD.Mogador1939(x2) now available...

Before everything else, I would like to inform anyone and everyone about Shapeways' upcoming pricing update:
To summarize with regards to TTh:
- no price increase for the 1/4800 ships
- no more minimum order of USD25, but...
- shipping fees will be applied per order:

Shipping Cost as of October 1st
United States, Canada and The Netherlands: $6.50
EU Countries: $9.50
Rest of the World: $19.99

In lieu of this, I will have the following next packs sooner in case anyone would like to avoid the upcoming fees:
48FN07 La Galissonniere1940(x3)
48FN07X2 La Galissonniere1940(x6)
...AAAaaand the main event:

48FN06 FN CV.Bearn1939(x1) and DD.Mogador1939(x2)
Scale: 1/4800

Contains the French Navy aircraft carrier Bearn as she was during 1939.

Also combined with the 2x Mogador-class Contre-torpilleurs (roughly translated as large destroyers) in their 1939 configuration; and representing the two ships in the class: Mogador and her sister ship Volta.

Click on the images below to see the sprue up close (that brown circle thingy is 3/4inch diameter, with the grid spaced 1" x 1")

Image below courtesy of Shapeways:

Actual 3D printed product may vary from the preview image/render

Store item link:

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