Monday, September 12, 2011

48FN05(A & B) WIP: Ships of French Navy's Suffren-class cruiser...

I never thought I'll be able to finish these quickly, but luckily most of them have similarities apart from their hulls :)

You've met the cruiser Dupleix, the youngest (1930), in my last post:

Next is the cruiser Foch, launched 1929.
Unfortunately, the tripod mast doesn't converge at the top, thus they're supported with props instead of filled like the rest's. Armed with secondary 90mm/50cal mod1926 in 8 single mounts.

Here's another of the class, the cruiser Colbert (1928)
Luckily her foremast is (almost) the same with Dupleix's, and the bridge as Foch's (with additional equipments). Apart from the aft mast and a couple of details, I was able to save some time.

Here's the (eldest) lead ship of the class, the cruiser Suffren. Launched 1927, notice the bridge/blockhouse is different from the rest of her siblings; also the derrick/crane, the Suffren only having one, as well as the general layout midship... thickened the aft mast considerably, with additional supports towards it's foot.

Lastly the Suffren-class pic (pun?) with, from top to bottom: Dupleix, Suffren, Foch and Colbert

During the week I'll be working on the FN Duquesne-class cruisers, luckily (yet?) I haven't seen any change on the design (on launch or during the war) on either of the two in the class.

*please note the the actual printed model(s) may be different from the rendered model(s)


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