Saturday, September 10, 2011

French Navy Suffren-class Cruisers in 1/4800

Four in the class; the Foch, Colbert, Dupleix and Suffren, are all visually different from each other (same case as the Richelieu-saga for me.).

To know more about French Navy's Suffren-class cruisers, please visit the links below:

The CA.Suffren(x2)+CA.Duquesne(x1) release will now be done into two: 48FN05A with Dupleix, Foch and Tourville1936; and 48FN05B, with Colbert, Suffren and Duquesne1936

Below are preview renders of the French cruiser Dupleix which will be part of 48FN05A release

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