Wednesday, September 21, 2011

48FN06 WIP: French aircraft carrier Béarn and Mogador-class destroyers

Preview renders show grids spaced 1-inch apart, with a 'coin' 3/4" in diameter (the size of a US penny)

French Navy's aircraft carrier Béarn(1939, single ship in class)
Yes, an aircraft carrier... and by it's wartime career: an aircraft carrier in it's simplest definition
...or a CV2 for you NavyFielders

French Navy's Mogador class destroyers (1939, two ships in class: Mogador and Volta)
... a DD3 in NavyField, ingame performance is waaaaaay beyond this destroyer class' WW2 career

The pack will contain 1x Bearn1939 and 2x Mogador1939...

(Edited Sept. 23, 2011: more detailed/close-up renders/preview images)


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