Monday, August 15, 2011

WIP: 1/4800 WW2 French Battleship Richelieu (post-1943 refit)

Over the weekend, I challenged myself on how much detail I can fit provided it'll be produced in 1/4800 scale with up to 0.1mm detail resolution. So far so good, was able to abstractly represent the 40mm Bofors tubs and 20mm Oerlikons with the said limitations. Unfortunately, I have yet to redo the #2 turret so as the barrels are not 'hanging'. If it'll be printed as is, the material will be extremely delicate without anything to support it underneath. See the forward/#1 turret: the area underneath has been boxed off, and IMHO it won't be a problem for a ship only a bit above 5cm in length...
In the next few days I'll be doing the superstructure, as well as doing her as built in the 1940's.

For further readings, you could visit Richelieu's wikipedia entry here:

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