Monday, August 29, 2011

1/4800 FN BB Pack 2 WIP.4: Gascogne completed

FN.BB.Gascogne completed, should comply with the set minimum re. wall thickness (or hopefully, with little difficulties before it's printed.

General profile: Portside-bow view. Note the arrangement of her main guns (1 fore + 1 aft)
General Profile (Port-Bow)

General profile: Starboard-stern; showing her #2 turret and aircraft equipments
General Profile (Starboard-Stern)

Starboard Bow shot of the forecastle/front superstructure

Close-up of the superstructure towards thestarboard-stern.

Closeup of the aft aircraft equipment with the plane catapult, crane, and rails leading to the hangar doors (aircraft is delivered via elevator)

That leaves FN.BB.Clemenceau to be redone; thicken up parts to comply with the wall thickness issue...

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