Thursday, August 25, 2011

1/4800 FN BB Pack 2 WIP.1

The second sprue is picking up, it will again contain 2 Richelieu-class battleships: the Clemenceau and the Gascogne.

First up: Clemenceau. She was partially built, if one could call a small section of her hull, and never really picked up after the war. The mminiature will be based on the JeanBart1942 model due to the available aircraft installation towards the rear. With the usual 15" main gun arrangement, they're complimented with 4x triple 6": two are found aft of the smokestack in superfiring configuration (compared to the first pairs 3 turrets aft of the smokestack) and one on each side amidships. Together with the 6inchers, she also has 6x dual 4" and 6x dual 37mm gun turrets. Also with a different superstructure design.

For more info about the battleship Clemenceau, you could visit the link below; it is Clemenceau's subsection under Wikipedia's Richelieu-class battleship entry.

WIP pics below showing the turret layout and the superstructure of FN.BB.Clemenceau. Major work left is doing the pile o' boats between the smokestack and the castle; then it's all details afterwards ;)

[EDIT]And by 'details'; I mean the following:
- the remaining 2 (one on each side) triple 6-inch turrets amidships
- I also need to do the 13mm AA Quads on the superstructure (3 on the castle, 2 on the 01level each side, and 4 aft the rearmost double 4" - 2 on each side)
- more boats: in-between the 37mm turrets near the smokestack; as mentioned the stack-o-boats; 3 - or 4 - each side and fore of the middle triple 6"; and the ones aft the last dual 4" turret
- speaking of boats: their crane(s) as well;
- I'm going with the straightedge-look on that area beside #2 turret vs. the notched one for the 37mm turret there...
- not going to continue on the castle's 2 rangefinders up top, modeling that small platform is too fragile IMHO
- need to 'curve' up the sides of the plane hangar before closing up the deck for that level
- rafts aft of the triple 6", as that area is 'empty'
- some bits/boxes in front of #1 turret; as the plans show the deck there is empty (compared to Richelieu's and JeanBart's rows of 20mm), I do see two hatches more forward though, will have to recheck once home.
- once all of these are done, scale the ship to 100.1% to compensate for FUD's shrinkage...

No work has been started yet for FN.BB.Gascogne. Been doing capital ships since start of the project... So in between them, I've been doing this (anybody's guess for now :p ), and I'm surprised to find out I could fit all ships of this particular class in one sprue with the same, or almost the same, price of my BB pack :)

Cheers everyone!

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