Sunday, August 21, 2011

French Navy WW2 BB Richelieu (1943) and Jean Bart (1940)... will it print?

My very first sprue done: French Navy's WW2 Battleships Richelieu (in her post-1943 refit) and Jean Bart (as she would've been completed, if not for her engagement in 1942 at Casablanca, Morocco)...

First off: FN.BB.Richelieu_1943

Next: FN.BB.JeanBart_1942

The sprue; note the 'subtle' differences between the two (one could say the Jean Bart version I did would be Richelieu as she was launched/commissioned early in the war)

Lastly, another shot of the sprue as provided by my would be store...

The question now is... Will it print properly? In any orientation? We'll find out soon...

For further readings, visit/read on Richelieu's and Jean Bart's Wikipedia entries below:


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