Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anticipating the New Blood Angel codex

With the release of the new codex just around the corner, and trolling the BA codex rumour discussion, I cant help but have a big smile when I've read the post describing how our BAs will look like.

This coincided well with how I'm doing my figs model-/conversion-wise:
(terms used herein are the same as those mentioned in the particular thread/posts)

1. breastplates with winged blood drop: IMHO generic design, hope they can incorporate a grail too (like those seen on Sgt. Lorenzo of Space Hulk... speaking of which: there is a small grail icon dangling from the power cables on Sgt. Gideon's right arm, would make a good detail for our bread & butter marines...)

2. Shroud over one's shoulder[plate>: nice touch, for those familiar with G Gundam, it reminds me of that seen on Gundam Rose... I was close, instead I placed it lower - from the waist down (see here) I just don't see myself covering our chapter colours (though I could paint it on the shroud tho...

3. Backpacks with cherub heads: Oookay, I assume these are like Dante's death mask replacing the exhaust vents (they did say "heads" right?) much like that seen on the DA upgrade sprue. Apart from that, hopefully there're "add-ons" like those found in DA's and BT's sprues (see the detail on top of Sgt. Lorenzo and Sgt. Gideon's armour ... I'm itching to cut these off and copy them!)

4. Bolters with blood drops: variations would be a grail or a (one- or two-) winged blood drop, saves me GS and time (see left-most marine's bolter)

When the boxed sets come out, I hope to see more BA visual cues other than 'musculated' armor pieces, (tons of) blood drops and grails


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