Monday, February 27, 2012

Preliminary USN List: Atlantic/Med theatre...

Below is a semi-copy-pasta from the discussion on the USN Med/Atlantic list, together with some notes and updates from the 1/4800 Naval Wargaming Yahoo Group

There are only a couple of sculpts left for the Regia Marina: Italian aircraft carriers almost done and should be available this weekend. Capitani Romani class light cruisers and the Freccia/Folgore destroyers

I'm having doubts with the SS: primarily because the last one (MN SS Redoutable) only got sold a handful (thanks to whoever you are ;) ) ...also I'm having difficulties finding higher resolution references (apart from some Italian forums/site)...

For the preliminary USN list, my only source at the moment is the OOB for the Invasion of North Africa ( ). Tabulating the ship classes below:

BB SD = 1
BB NY = 2
CV Ranger = 1
CVE Sangamon = 4
CA Northampton = 1
CA New Orleans = 1
CA Wichita = 1
CL Cleveland = 1
CL Brooklyn = 3
DD Wickes = 2*
DD Clemson = 1*
DD Fletcher = 1
DD Sims** = 2
DD Benham = 3
DD Benson = 3
DD Gleaves = 26

*"Note that all three of these had the North Atlantic escort mod with 6
x 3 inch guns, aft funnel removed, and the two sets of torpedo mounts
removed (replaced with the two extra 3 inch). Note also there are 5 more variants of the class as destroyer minesweepers."

**Already done/available

I have no idea yet if we can proxy anything with regards to the DDs (just going with the Figurehead stuffs: Wickes/Clemson?)

Hmmm, coincidentally my preferred ships (BB SD, BB NY and CA NO) are in there XD. Note I also plan to have the BB CO and CV Wasp somewhere in the mix.

Also, during the previous conversations, some BBs have been mentioned (BB NewMex stuck in my mind). We'll list it down...

TL;DR for now

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