Monday, October 10, 2011

Nothing to see here, just grinding away...

Yep, nothing much within the past few days, thought I'd take a short break while I search for references, buy/order some books, etc, to prepare for the Regia Marina (Italian Navy)...

In the meantime, had some requests and had the following available:

1/6000 (actually 1/6300) BB Alsace + Jean Bart hybrid BB/CV
*edited to allow for the smaller scale; i.e. if simply scaled: 0.3mm@1/4800 = 0.24mm@1/6000; which is below the printing limit and will have the model rejected.

1/3000 BB Richelieu(1943) + BB Jan Bart(1942)
scaled up 48FN01 by 160% + some edits

After which, work has started/continued on the Royal Navy's Illustrious class aircraft carrier;
Nothing much to see: main hurdles are the (asymmetric) island superstructure and hull. Clicking on the image for a closer look, one could see an almost finished island superstructure (sans funnels, starboard catwalks, various wind deflectors and other details). Also added 'stubs' representing the pompom mounts around the structure and a rudimentary HA director tower (front of mainmast). Then it's onto the hull and it's numerous bilges/bulges.

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