Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unobtanium NMM (Non-Metal Metallic)

The ubiquitous Unobtanium, perhaps in the far future, they'll be able to find it in a galaxy far far away... but how does one paint it?

Kidding aside, here're some WIP pics of my BA Techmarine:

Is his weapon glowing? Searing hot? Chogokin Z? Unfortunately not: it's my first attempt (actually the latest in a series of attempts on this same weapon head) on NMM gold. Next, we close up on it:

Colors used were (from darkest to lightest):
- GW Scorched Earth
- VMC Flat Earth
- GW Snakebite Leather
- VMC Golden Yellow
- VMC Pale Sand (my GW Bleached Bone went bad...)

Maybe I could add another couple of glazes to tidy some transitions up, perhaps, but I have to draw a line somewhere (since this is just my first foray into NMM territory :/ )


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