Monday, August 3, 2009

GW Whirlwind turret+accessory: Forgeworld-style

Let's face it: Forgeworld stuffs are DA BOMB! And I'm not a fan of the current GW Whirlwind plastic. After acquiring some spiffy magnets (see separate entry), I decided to get my bits out and magnetize one of my Rhino chassis to accept the Whirlwind turret.

For reference, please vitis Forgeworld's Whirlwind pics:

Aaand my version:

First-off: the turret:

  • decided to permanently place it on one of the top-plates: surely we're gonna get extra bits of those after a few predator/rhino kits

  • magnetized the mount since I plan on converting a Damocles command Rhino some time in the future
  • removed just enough plastic from both sides of the "pallet" so they mate with each other
  • 1/8 x 1/8 magnets on the rear to coincide with the magnet on the mount
  • detail in-between the front: from the hunter-killer missile bit

Next: the sensor "mini-turret"

  • the "cover" is from the heavy-bolter turret of a razorback/land-raider (which I have to come-up with again once I decide to finally continue with my landraider )
  • the turret sits on the "peeping-top" bit from the vehicle command sprue
  • notice more of the hunter-killer missile bits up front (sensor and part of the HK body assembly glued on it's side
  • the small lens up front-mid is from the searchlight bit of the SM vehicle command sprue

Lastly: how I magnetized my Rhino doors:

  • as you can see, it was a recepient for Predator sponsons, which fortunately was lightly cemented (next time I'll use PVA glue for such applications)
  • The FW extra-armour are applied with PVA glue (to allow some flexing)
  • 1/8 x 1/8 REmagnet down there (lines up just fine if I put something ferromagnetic behind the sponson... loose-change anyone?)
  • notice the stubs on each corner of the door: this is to prevent the door from sinking into the hole (and to line it up with the extra-armor)

Hope this inspires you to convert one for yourself, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please feel free to discuss it in my B&C thread here

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